Inaugural entry

The beginning of a new month seems like as good a time as any to start up this blog, something I’ve been thinking about and meaning to do for a while now. As the title suggests, I am an engineer—a mechanical engineering student, at the moment. We’re trained to utilize principles from the physical sciences to “make things,” solve problems, and generally improve the quality of life of society. Many engineers revel in the technical details of their work, delving deeper and deeper into their favorite facet of the field. Others, though, like myself, find multiple aspects of engineering interesting, and while our jobs may eventually result in specialization of some sort, we still keep up on what’s going on throughout the discipline.

I aim even more broadly than that, though. For a long time, but especially as I’ve been in college, I’ve taken an increasing interest in all kinds of subjects, everything from writing to dance to biology to politics to sailing. It’s just all so fascinating! In doing so, I’ve noticed that my engineering background gives me a unique take on those subjects. I see things from a perspective few others do, As a result, I occasionally notice things others don’t. At the very least, my inquisitive nature leads to a lot of interesting, even amusing observations.

It’s because of this I decided to give this blog a go. It’ll be a place where I can record some of these observations and put them out there in the great globe-spanning conversation on everything. At the outset I suppose it’s largely for myself, since it will help me organize, set in words, and revisit a lot of my miscellaneous thoughts. But who knows? Perhaps it will end up enlightening, inspiring, or at least entertaining a few others out there, too. Maybe it’ll even spur some to be more inquisitive themselves.

After all, it’s a great way to learn things.


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